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The club currently has 2 David Brown (Case) 1210 tractors. Both the tractors date from the 1980s and have 72hp  diesel engines.

The Club also purchased a Leyland 586 4wd in 2015.

The tractors have been fitted  with 18 rear tyres to improve grip on the shingle. The shingle can get very soft (especially after storms) and low gears should be used to tow boats up the shingle (Note: 4x4 vehicles get stuck  fairly regular!).

The tractors are insured & road  taxed for members to drive, subject to having a full UK driving  licence. Members must sign a declaration of their driving record (highlighting  previous or pending convictions) which is submitted to the insurers.

All members are given  instruction on the tractor controls prior to being allowed to drive the tractors.

 David Brown (Case) 1210 Synchromesh Tractor

Purchased  March 2010


Boats are normally launched when the tide is on the sand by reversing the trailer into the sea. Tractors MUST NOT be taken any deeper into the sea than  the centre of the front wheel.

Please note:

Each Tractor carries a long tow-rope. This should be used when the shingle is soft, to allow the Tractor to "pull" the boat/trailer from higher up the beach where it is firmer.

Boats should not launch or retrieve on the shingle unless the sea is flat calm and the tractor is reversed down the shingle when doing this. Members have swamped their boats trying to beach on the shingle!


Members boats upto 600kg (dry  weight excluding trailer & engine) can be launched.

Members must supply a completed  Coastguard Form 66 (CG66) and boat photo to the club. These are passed to the  local Haverigg Inshore Rescue for use in the event of a call out.

For  insurance purposes non-members boats cannot be launched.

Beach Facilities

Silecroft has a free Car Park at the Beach with public toilets. The club has a noticeboard on the car park adjacent the toilets, where there is a gap at the front of the car park where  the tractors can be taken down the shingle onto the beach.

The beach and car park can get very busy on hot summer days and members are reminded to DRIVE CAREFULLY at all times.

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