South Cumbria Sea Sports Association



   1. Conduct

a)      All members shall conduct themselves in a manner that does not contravene the ideals of the SCSSA, or is likely to be injurious to the SCSSA or is otherwise objectionable in any respect whatsoever. Members will comply with the SCSSA Constitution and Rules.

b)      The members of the SCSSA shall collectively and individually promote the principles of fair play and cultivate sportsman like conduct at all times.

c)      Members shall not leave litter of any kind.

d)      When collecting bait, members should back-fill all trenches and return unwanted bait to the sea if possible.  If crabbing, to replace rocks/weed to original positions.

e)      All fish caught and intended to be taken home, to be gutted at sea below the low water mark if possible except in SCSSA organised contests.

f)       Members shall not commit any nuisance liable to bring discredit on the SCSSA.

g)      All members shall seek to promote a spirit of harmony and common purpose in the SCSSA, and shall respect the rights and wishes of fellow members.


  2. Tractors

a)      The SCSSA  tractors are only to be used for towing boats up and down the shore except in an emergency or for maintenance purposes.

b)     Only SCSSA members are allowed to drive the SCSSA tractors and must have received the appropriate instruction and have a current driving licence.  Members drive the tractors at their own risk. The SCSSA shall not be held responsible for accidents however so caused by tractor drivers.

c)      Tractors are not to be left out or abused.

d)     The garage doors and field gates to be closed and secured after use at all times.

e)      The first person to use a tractor each day to check fuel, water and oil levels.

f)       Heavy boats are requested to use ropes if the tractor is labouring when towing up the shore.

g)     No netting to be carried out by any member using the SCSSA’s tractors except for sand eels to be used as bait.

h)     No boats over 600kg (1320lb) weight are allowed to be towed or launched using the SCSSA tractors. 

i)       No passengers are to be carried on the SCSSA tractors or on boats or their trailers while towing using tractors.



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