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A local landmark, known as McNally`s Wreck recently made a re-emergence from the sands that have buried her for almost 106 Years!

According to my findings, her “Real” name was Ariel.

She was built in 1887 and foundered 1904, on Duddon Bar, which is barely half a mile from where she rests today.

How exactly She came to grief is unclear at the moment, but one tale I heard in the local Pub, (from a “Amateur” Historian!) was that She was bound from Blackpool to Whitehaven (Cumbria) one July morning, with a “cargo” of Scots, whom had been enjoying their “Scots Week” at Blackpool.

As She approched the Cumbrian coast, her engine started to falter, and the prevailing wind drove her onto the bar, whereby She touched bottom and heeled over, filling her hold with water. Luckily, the tide was ebbing, and She was soon High and dry, whereby the Scots simply walked off her, into the nearby pub, from where they were later rescued, drunk as Lords!**

Unfortunately, the tide removing so much of the supporting sand from around her, signed her death-warrant for the second time, and over the course of 2010, the fast channel currents took their toll on her weak structure and She gradually broke-up.


Although an Amusing tale, the above may only contain the merest hint of fact!!

but its a good tale to tell! I will also post more definite facts as I discover them!

The latest information I have received is:

ARIEL (93669) regd Liverpool

Was a  shallow draught barge/lighter type vessel. Unusually, her boiler is huge for her size.

 60.3 x 13.0 x 4.0 feet built of iron at Preston in 1876 with an engine producing 20hp.

 Owner before removal from register in 1904, William Thompson of Manchester.


This latest piece of “Info” courtesy of :

Bry Cooper - (BryCooperMillomofyesteryear)

Last voyage of the 'Ariel' aka McNally's Wreck....From the Shields Daily Gazette dated June 16th, 1904


               Wreck on the Cumberland Coast

The 40-Ton towing Lighter “Ariel”, of Liverpool was wrecked near Haverigg Point on the Cumberland coast on Tuesday night.

The owner (Captain McNish) and a Seaman named Fitzpatrick had a narrow escape, the sea being very rough.

The boat was making for the Clyde, but sprung a leak whilst passing the Duddon Estuary, and was wrecked among the breakers.



If Anybody has any further information on the wrecking of Ariel, particularly her last voyage,

Please contact:

Steve -

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