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General Flotsam and other Driftwood!

New Club Secretary

John Procter has been elected as the new club Secretary and will officially take over the reigns as of the next Committee meeting. (4th July 2014).

Anyone wishing to contact John should ring him on 01229 777711.



Several times over the seasons, concerns have been raised regarding the level of safety equipment being carried by some Members  boats.

It is a requirement of membership of the club that at the MINIMUM the following items should ALWAYS be on board.

1. A Lifejacket for each person aboard.

At least two (in-date) red flares, 1 smoke, 1 rocket/parachute

A second means of propulsion.

An Anchor and sufficient Warp.

Please Note:

Random Checks will be carried out through-out the season -

insufficient/incorrect Safety equipment may result in

- Suspension of use of Club Facilities until rectified, e.g Tractors.


                                     TRACTOR INFORMATION
Any problems identified  with the tractors should be marked on the board in the tractor shed (including  the date) and also advised to Graham Mellen, 01229 777084, who will relay them  to the person undertaking the maintenance. RING AT A SENSIBLE TIME OF DAY.

 Please remember that no-one is paid for keeping the tractors in use and the people who do still pay the same fees that you do. No arrangements are in place for an emergency call-out service and members will need to help each other throughout the year:

  •  Please always try to get any problem tractor back to the shed.  Using the 2nd tractor to tow any tractors back to the shed that  break down. Jump starting tractors that are difficult to start, etc. Please remember when using the tractors Use the cold start  first thing, as this helps not to flatten the battery. Don't  drive the tractors in too deep. Drive carefully at all times!


Special thanks as  always must go to the lads who have helped to keep the Tractors maintained and  running again during the season, Well done lads-a great effort!!



First-Aid kit - do you carry one?

Many leisure anglers seem to treat a basic First-Aid kit like they do Flares! - Some do carry them, some don’t

But all should.

Lets face it, being stuck miles out at sea with a lacerated Arm or a hook in the Hand or Eye, is no place to be if you have nothing to patch yourself up with!

A basic First-Aid kit can be a simple or as complex as you wish, but it could make all the difference one day.

A basic first aid kit may contain:

  • • plasters, in a variety of different sizes and shapes
  • • small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings
  • • at least two sterile eye dressings
  • • triangular bandages
  • • crκpe rolled bandages
  • • safety pins
  • • disposable sterile gloves
  • • tweezers
  • • scissors
  • • pair of wire-cutters (for Hooks)
  • • alcohol-free cleansing wipes
  • • sticky tape
  • • cream or spray to relieve insect bites and stings
  • • antiseptic cream
  • • painkillers such as paracetamol, aspirin , or ibuprofen 
  • • distilled water, for cleaning wounds and as an eye bath
  • I use one of those large plastic Sweet Jars with the screw lids to keep it clean and dry on -board.
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